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The course is not for everyone; it takes commitment and desire, which is best-suited to goal-orientated people. Effective Thai Language is a unique experience for those who are willing and eager to not only improve their language proficiency but who want to understand, and be effective within, sophisticated Thai culture. The course is targeted for people who wish to make connections with all types of Thai people with an emphasis on developing meaningful personal and professional relationships.

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What do we offer that is very different and exclusive from the rest?

Individual tailored courses that focus on your exact needs and in the manner in which you learn most effectively.

Learn the art of dealing with difficult situations in an intelligent and pleasant manner specific to Thai culture.

Enable you to make a considerable impression in all aspects of Thai society.

Access to our highly qualified and wide network to practice Thai, make connections, and develop future opportunities.

Do you want to develop strong professional and/or personal relationships?

      Improving all four disciplines (reading, writing, Speaking, and listening) of any language is key to overall comprehension. These disciplines are essential to nurturing relationships in Thailand, be they for business or pleasure, and Effective Thai prides itself on preparing our clients to exceed those expectations.

Language of influence

In addition to improving your language proficiency, we teach you how to gain clear advantages by ‘reading’ distinctly Thai situations, enabling you to communicate the perfect response. Knowing the ‘how and when’-the exact phrase at the most precise time-is often the difference between communicating in Thai and Effective Thai. We are the latter.

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"Highly Qualified Thai Teachers"
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Dr. Ying Quinn,PhD

PhD. in Curriculum and Instruction, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Post Grad Cert of Research, Manchester Metropolitan Universtiy

Master Degree in Psychology, Chiang Mai University

B.A. in Business Administration, Chiang Mai University

Teacher Karnpitcha Chuesaart (Toon)

PhD.Candidate in Thai Language, Phayao University, Thailand

Master Degree in Thai Language, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Thailand

Bachelor Degree in Education, Thai Language, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Thailand

Teacher Kanchana Wanathaisong (Belle)

Grad.Dip. in Teaching, Assumption Universtiy, Thailand

B.A. in English, Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand

Teacher Nitidhorn Sonriw (Palm)

Bachelor of Laws at the Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand

• “Business and Commercial Law” specialty program, Thammasat University

• Attorney-at-law license, Lawyers Council of Thailand. (2011)

• TOIEC score result of 960 (2011), IELTS band score of 7 (2011)

• Paper 1: Securities Investment Consultant, The Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand (2017)

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Course requirement

To be accepted, you will be required to complete a placement test and interview to check your suitability for the course. Our course is selective; we only intend to teach those that show seriousness towards learning.

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